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The Heritage Commission is a town-sponsored organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Town of Deerfield (Not to be confused with the Deerfield Historical Society, a private organization with a similar mission).

Post-election note
Although the voters chose to reject the warrant article submitted by the Heritage Commission to install the handicapped lift to the second floor of the Town Hall, we will continue to work on getting this accomplished. Aside from removing the eyesore of a ramp that currently defaces this lovely historic building, we feel it is imperative that the building be brought up to compliance with ADA regulations to avoid an expensive lawsuit or loss of the use of the second floor. We will keep you updated on our progress towards this goal.

Deerfield celebrated its 250th anniverary in 2016!
Visit the 250th photo gallery, courtesy of Melissa Robertson who documented the events with her camera. A DVD containing a collection of images from the year-long 250th celebration, accompanied by a soundtrack of appropriately themed songs, including Bob Ashford performing Deerfield's My Home and the Deerfield Community School Band performing the National Anthem, has been donated by its editor and producer, Jack Hutchinson to the town library, available to patrons to borrow.

In honor of the 250 anniversary of the Town of Deerfield, we are making available on this website excerpts from the Bicentennial Celebration book, a spiral-bound souvenir book put together by the town in 1966 to celebrate Deerfield's 200th aniversary. Written by people in the town, topics covered much of Deerfield's present and rich past, and included photographs which capture moments of history.

Find out more about Deerfield's past. At our town library you can find a simple, self-published, spiral-bound book called Back Then, written by Ruth Tilton Houghton back in 1990. The Tilton family goes back a long way in Deerfield. In fact, Ruth's grandfather Charles E. Tilton, served with the New Hampshire Volunteers during the Civil War. A plaque in his memory hangs in the library.

Also available in our town library is The Civil War Letters & Diary of Captain Jonathan Johnson. During his year of service, Capt. Johnson kept a diary and regularly wrote home. It makes compelling reading, highly recommended to any student of Deerfield history or of the Civil War.

Click here to find a complete list of the library's historical and genealogical resources.

How many of Deerfield's original one-room schoolhouse buildings still exist? Find out the answer here.

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