2003 Barn Calendar

a sample of months

This early English barn on Nottingham Road was adapted in the mid-nineteenth century to accommodate changing agricultrual practices with the addition of multiple bays, a cupola and a whole new roof system.

This South Road late-nineteenth century barn is a pristine example of connected architecture, which allows the farmer access to all agricultural buildings without going outside.

This North Road Yankee-style barn has an unusual construction style for southeastern New Hampshire. The structure's roof is supported with a "king post" system, transferring the weight of the roof directly from the ridge to the frame, eliminating most of the outward thrust of the rafters where they reach the eave plates. This style of contruction was only seen in two other barns in town, both on North Road.

Often barns had many other buildings surrounding them, known as "outbuildings". Located on Peterson Road, the door to this outbuilding is marked with the classic cresent moon, designating the place to go when Nature calls.