Heritage Commission Calendars

In 2002, the Deerfield Heritage Commission produced the first of their beautiful calendars, with the theme of Deerfield Barns. This went along with the Barn Survey conducted over the previous two years and completed in 2002, and submitted to the Division of Historical Resources . Designed for the 2003 calendar year, the photography was done by Rebecca Hutchinson and Joe Sears. The following year they produced their Barn Calendar for 2004. In addition to the full color illustrations and architectural details of local historic barns, both calendars included town information and telephone numbers.

In 2006, the Commission was working on fire suppression and accessibility for the Town Hall, and put together a calendar as a fundraiser, commemorating the 150 year history of the building. The 2007 calendar featured images past and present of the Town Hall, and facts about its history. Sienna Larson did the design and photography, and Dick and Deb Boisvert did layout and production. Other members of the Heritage Commission during these years were Kathryn (Kay) Williams, James Deely, Caroline (Hony) Hoague, Joe Sears, Fran Menard, Irene Shores, Elsie Brown, and Gile Beye

Because of the historical and architectural details included with the striking images, the Town Hall calendar would make a good addition to the collection of anyone interested in the Town's history. Contact the Heritage Commission for copies, available for a $1 donation.