The 21st Century Community Cornerstones Project

In 1991 Deerfield Historic District Commission took part in a statewide cornerstones project to identify the town's Cornerstones for the 21st Century. These cornerstones were to be resources and treasures that help make our community what it is; that are essential to our quality of life, and that we would like to see our children and grandchildren enjoy into the 21st century. The purpose of the project was to raise awareness of the importance of these resources so that they might be preserved for the 21st century.

The 21 Cornerstones of Deerfield

1. Stone Walls

2. South Road - Scenic vista - Butler's Corner area

3. Deerfield Fair

4. Leavitt's Hill

5. Roger King Homestead and Scenic vista

6. Sharon Home

7. New Center - Town Hall, Library, Churches, Community Center

8. Chase Corner - Old Center - Scenic vista from Meetinghouse Hill

9. Freese's Pond

10. Deerfield Parade

11. Stone and Historic Markers

12. Pendleton Home - Garrison Site

13. Norris Tomb and other Cemeteries

14. Pawtuckaway and Nottingham Mtns.

15. Rand's Corner

16. Veasey Park - Pleasant Lake - Vistas around Lake

17. Griffin Road - Homesteads, Shores' Saphouse, Indian Cave

18. Point of View Farm

19. Town Forests and Conservation Areas

20. Old Home Day

21. Town and School Meetings