Col. Joseph Hilton
originally published in the Bicentennial Book

Col. Joseph Hilton of Deerfield, N.H. was second lieutenant in McClary's 3rd, Battalion Col. Scammel's Regiment. He was commissioned Nov. 8, 1776 in Continental Service. Served in the Battle of Ticonderoga and at the battle of Stillwater in which he was severely wounded while fighting the enemy Oct. 7, 1777, discharged for disability, and received invalid pay pension from Oct. 1, 1778 to March 20, 1782. His second wife Ann Coffin Mills Hilton drew widow's pension from Feb. 25, 1853 to her death. She lived in Exeter, NH. Col. Joseph Hilton enlisted from Deerfield and was offered Officer's Pension but refused from patriotism.

Other Army Records can be found at Concord State House or at Boston State House.

The map [below] of the early eighteen hundreds was made by the son of Col. Joseph Hilton by the name of Winthrop Hilton. This map was photographed at the New Hampshire Historical Society for our Bi-Centennial.

Descendants of Col. Joseph Hilton sent relics of the war to Deerfield "Soldiers Memorial" for display. [Note: unfortunately, most of these relics have since been lost to us. A few may still be found in the collection of the Deerfield Historical Society.]

Col. Joseph Hilton was buried in the Old Center Cemetery on Chase's Hill. Winthrop Hilton, son of Joseph and first wife Sarah was born September 14, 1794 and died in Deerfield August 15, 1869.

Mary M. Tilton Hilton, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Hilton was born Oct. 2, 1805 in Epping and died Sept. 6, 1875 in Deerfield.