Richard Moore's Twice-Seen Photographs

These striking photographs are made by starting with an old image and figuring out exactly where it was taken. This is not as easy as you might think. It can be a very long and painstaking process figuring out the exact angle and distance. Then a new image is captured of the same place as it is today. Finally, these two images are very carefully superimposed to create a marvelous perspective of time captured.

Fans of his work have said these images are a vivid reminder that places they love were once also loved by others, and that someone else's feet once walked where they walk today.

Richard Moore says, "After a career in non-profit management, I returned to photography, an early passion. In the enormous field of photography, I am fortunate to have found a niche to explore that brings together my interests in local places and their history, and the infinite artistic possibilities of photography." You can see mosre of his work by visiting his website at

Here are more haunting and fascinating "Twice-Seen" images.

Chief George Clark and the Fire House, past and present.

Mrs Worth's Store, now the Lazy Lion

Bike Race on Church Street

Old Home Day at the Town Hall

Team of oxen in a parade just turning the corner at the Center

Saddleback Mountain Boys

Pioneer Woman