Philbrick-James Library Historical and Genealogical Resources

Unless otherwise noted, these items are to be used in the library only and may not be checked out.  The library does have a scanner and a copier for patron use; please ask for assistance, as some of these items are fragile.


Schmitt, Kevin Lee and Ingram, Jane Culver
Edmund James Family: New Hampshire; Illinois; Wisconsin; Iowa; Kansas; Montana: 1669 – 1969
2005, 330 p.  ; published by the authors; includes index, photos, facsimiles and charts.

Stearns, Erza S.
Genealogical and Family History of the State of NH
1908; 4 vol. In poor condition.  Primarily traces NH families from Colonial time through what was then the present.

Family Histories Located in New Hampshire [compiled by Rick Rollock]
A directory of the first four thousand family history titles found in libraries, historical societies and associations and other organizations with collections of Family History material in New Hampshire and border communities of neighboring states.
Indexed by family name, allied family names, author, and towns.
3rd ed. with supplement; published by Family History Directories, Laconia, 1995; 212 p.

Copeley, William
Index to Genealogies in New Hampshire Town Histories
Rev. & Enlarged Ed., 2000; 102 p.;  published by the New Hampshire Historical Society

Brown, Thomas S.
Brown Ancestors
1940, 99 p.; Relatives of the author from Colonial days to the time of publication.

Dudley, Dean
Dudley Genealogies and Family Records
1848, 144 p., includes index; ancestry of the Dudley family going back to the 14th century in England.

Chapman, Jacob
Chapman Genealogy: of Edward Chapman of Ipswitch MA (1642-1678) and his descendants
1893, 139 p.

Sedgley, George Burbank
Genealogy of the Burbank Family & the families of Bray, Wellcome, Sedgley (Sedgeley) and Welch
1928, 563 p., includes index

Stevens, Leonard
Stevens family: Frank E. & Angie B.
Handwritten charts and typed notes tracing their ancestry back to the 17th century.  Includes prominently also Hancock, Stiles, Willey and McQuesten.  Newspaper front page folded in back: Boston Herald from June 6, 1944, announcing the Allied Invasion—relevance unknown.

Ladd Family Genealogical Chart
Family tree of Ladds including Deerfield branch of the family
Xerox copy donated by Ladd descendant, Ralph Rottet, 2010; 10 pages 11” x 17” stored in folder

Kinship Kronicle
Newsletter collected in looseleaf binder, from Sept. 1990 (v.13, no.3) through Dec. 2003 (v.26, no.4)

NH Society of Genealogists
NH Families in 1790, v.1
2007,   395 p. 

See also Cogswell’s History of Nottingham, Deerfield & Northwood, and Meloon Memorial in listings for “History”; see also section on “Cemeteries.”


Cogswell, Elliott C.
History of Nottingham, Deerfield & Northwood
Facsimile of the 1878 edition.  Includes index
History and genealogy of the three towns from their founding to the date of publication.
Circulating copy available.

Town Register of Epsom, Canterbury, Loudon, Deerfield, Northwood, Chichester: 1909
Includes some brief history, town data and statistics.

Biographical Review of Rockingham County
1896  Indexed by name only.  Biographies of prominent citizens.

Butler, Benjamin F.
Butler’s Book
1892; autobiography and personal reminiscences of General Benjamin Butler (born in Deerfield; early text makes references to the town).

Bicentennial History of Deerfield 1766-1966
78 p.  published on the occasion of the bicentennial celebration; includes history, anecdotes and photographs.
Circulating copy available.

Wasson, Joanne F.
Tales of Old Deerfield
78 p. anecdotes about the history of the town; mostly republished columns that appeared in newspapers.
Circulating copy available.

Houghton, Ruth Tilton
Back Then; stories of life at the turn of the century
1990, Spiral bound; 228 p. anecdotes of life in Deerfield around 1900
Circulating copy available.

MacKenzie, Christina
The Country Doctor
Concord NH, Rumford Press, 1925
100 p.  written by the pastor of the Deerfield Baptist Church, dedicated to Dr. Fred Fernald of Nottingham; stories and observations about physicians and in particular country doctors.
Circulating copy available.

Johnson, Jonathan
Letters and Diary of Captain Jonathan Johnson; written during his service with Co. D 15 Reg. NH Volunteers from Oct. 1862 to Aug. 1863 while part of the “Banks Expedition” (Civil War).
Collected and compiled by his grandson, Alden Chase Brett
Spiral bound; 166 p.
Circulating copy available.

In Memory of Lieut. Nathanael Meloon (1733-1803) One of the Original Signers of the Petition dated June 28, 1765 to have a portion of Nottingham, NH set aside as a separate Parish to be called Deerfield, NH
Information presented to the Philbrick-James Library with a bronze plaque commemorating the life of Nathanael Meloon.  Plaque erected by and information provided by his grandson, Jonathan C. Meloon.
Dated October 30, 1923; 14 p. typewritten; original and 1 copy (plaque is located in the portico of the Soldier’s Memorial Building [Philbrick-James Library])

Historical / Cultural Resource Survey of Deerfield NH
1984; Booklet with overview of the project; one copy of original survey in the collection of the Deerfield Historical Society (by appointment only).  Survey includes photos of historic houses in Deerfield still in existence in 1984, with basic layout and historical significance if known.  Organized by road.  Includes map with survey codes for quicker reference.

Notes about Deerfield Houses
From the memory of Dyer Smith; recorded by E. B. Hersey and Lottie Prescott Hersey in 1927 and transcribed by Joanne Wasson in 1954.  Looseleaf notebook.
Also, updated version edited by Joanne Wasson in 2002, in binder.

Barn Survey, 2001
Deerfield Heritage Commission
2 looseleaf binders; photos of barns with descriptions.

Town of Deerfield ms. of nomination form for National Register of Historic Places
Prepared by David Ruell for the Deerfield Heritage Commission.
2002; spiral bound; 148 p. (approx.); descriptions of buildings to be considered for the registry.

Scales, John and Stevens, Nancy Tilton
The Garrison, Deerfield, NH
16 p.; about the first house built in Deerfield by Capt. Jonathan Longfellow.

Wasson, Joanne F.
Deerfield Community Church, 1835-1985
29 p. booklet with photos, map and facsimilies

Shields, Robert W.
Memories of my Ministry
Approx. 40 p.; includes some photos.  Written by Rev. Robert Sheilds who was minister of the First Baptist Church of Deerfield from 1945-1949

Town of Deerfield General Information
Booklet, undated (mid-1970s?) 20 p.; includes zoning ordinances and committees, and other information about the town and its government.

Welcome to Deerfield
Informational booklet presented by the Deerfield Community Church / United Church of Christ.
Includes brief history, emergency numbers, services available, town offices hours and telephone numbers.
2 editions; both undated.

Hutchinson, Jack
A Brief History of Town Meetings in Deerfield, New Hampshire
2005; 4 p.; in plastic binder

NH Historical Markers
Booklet put out by the state; reference to Deerfield’s historical markers on p.59

Catalogue of the Philbrick-James Library 1924
Complete list of the holdings of the library; includes Board of Trustees and Officers

Centennial History of the Deerfield Fair 1876-1976
Booklet, 54 p.; includes photos

Wasson, Joanne F.
Deerfield Fair History
2001; 98 p.; detailed history with statistics and many photos.
Circulating copy available.

Hamel, Stanley
Brief History of NH License Plates, 1905-1977
18 p.; copied from Reference Copy at the NH State Library; stored in envelope

Cinerama Holiday, by Louis de Rochemont (Documentary; 1955).  Cinerama format (using three cameras and projected on three screens).  Item is noteworthy for its reference to Deerfield, N.H., the Deerfield Fair and the Deerfield Grange.  Valuable footage in this documentary includes the Congregational Church booth at the Fair.
Donated by Wendy Winslow 2011
DVD copy is poor quality but viewable.

Books on the shelf with references to Deerfield

These are all circulating copies and may be signed out

Landry, Linda
Classic New Hampshire
See p. 77 for chapter on the Deerfield Fair

Brouder, Edward W.
Granite and Ether; a chronicle of New Hampshire Broadcasting
see pp. 26, 28 for information on the construction of the tower on Saddleback (two photos)

Primack, Phil
New England Country Fair
See numerous references, including horse pulling (pp.126-131) and running a fair (pp.235-236).  Not indexed.

Garvin, Donna-Belle and James L.
On the Road North of Boston: New Hampshire Taverns and Turnpikes 1700-1900
See index under “Deerfield” for references including Mack Tavern (with photo of fiddler’s throne).

Waring, Janet
Early American Stencil Decorations
See index for references, including the Freese house (p.76) and taverns.  Includes several illustrations.

Clayton, John
New Hampshire, the way I see it
See page 29 for short chapter on Paul Mathews and the Cordwainer Shop (handmade shoes).

Dunton, Larkin
A memorial to the life and services of John D. Philbrick
Biography of the man for whom the Philbrick-James Library was named.  References to Deerfield scattered throughout. Inscribed on the second page: “Philbrick-James Library, Deerfield, NH. From Julia A. Philbrick 1888.”

Town Reports

Deerfield Town Reports:  1871/72 (first annual)
1873 – 1886 lacking
1887 – 1889
1890 lacking
1891 to the present

Property assessments

Real estate assessments for the years 1959-60, 1967, 1972, 1978, 1984, 1990, 2000, 2005.


Information compiled by Joanne Wasson based on site surveys and records research.
Does not include burials which have taken place since publication

Morrison Cemetery
1990; 29 p.; includes description and history of the cemetery, and grave sites by family name, lot and tier.

Old Center Cemetery
1958; 18 p.; burials by lot and tier

Cemeteries: Ranges I, II, III
Cemeteries located in southern Deerfield, roughly south of Church Street (Old Center Road)
1984; 70 p.; includes index; brief history , with burials by lot and tier. (2 copies)

Cemeteries: Ranges IV, V, VI, VII, VIII
Cemeteries located in northern Deerfield, roughly north of Church Street (Old Center Road)
1984; 90 p.; includes index; brief history , with burials by lot and tier.


Three copies from a topographical map (survey done in 1917) of the eastern Deerfield area roughly from Saddleback south to the Raymond line, including Freeses pond and Deerfield Center.

Map of roads in Deerfield; includes Pleasant Lake and Freeses Pond, but no other landmarks.  Date unknown; probably late 1980s or early 1990s. 12” x 11”; 2nd copy 10” x 11”

Map of Deerfield (undated, est. mid to late 1800s) includes roads and buildings with names of owners.

2 copies of  a map of roads in Deerfield with index sponsored by the Deerfield Democratic Town Committee.  9” x 8”

Map of Deerfield showing roads and major geographical features prepared by Southern NH Planning Commission; late 1980s; 10” x 11”

1980 map of Deerfield showing roads, identifying residences and major landmarks, prepared for the town addressing system.  14” x 11” (2 copies)

Booklets issued by the Deerfield Conservation Commission, 1994 and 2000, as a guide to trails and conservation lands.  Includes maps and descriptions of trails.