Philbrick-James Library Local Periodicals holdings

Locally published newspapers and newsletters containing information about the town and its people

The Communicator

Monthly; no Dec. issue or Nov/Dec combined until 1999; then Dec./Jan combined
Did not publish in July, or combined with June or August
Did not number issues after 1987; numbering erratic in prior years
Double issues frequently issued in the month of Sept. or in spring
Some second copies

1982 thru the present.

Oct. 1984
Feb and Sept. 1985
Sept. 1986
Nov. 2003
June 2004

Deerfield Newsletter

Town publication, monthly
April 2000 thru the present

1st ed.
17th ed.
22nd ed.
29th ed.
31st ed.

Deerfield Post

Monthly newsletter ; complete
1956 thru 1964

Country Town Ledger

Weekly newspaper.  Complete.
Nov. 1989 thru Feb. 1994

Independent ; Rockingham County Edition

Weekly newspaper.  Complete
April 1994 thru April 30 1998