[From the book, Bicentennial Celebration, a spiral-bound souvenir book put together by the town in 1966 to celebrate the occasion. Copies of this book may be found in the collection of the Historical Society and the Philbrick-James Library. Reprinted on the web by permission of the Deerfield Select Board, Fall 2005]

The Early Days of the Congregational Church

The first meeting of the Congregational Meeting House on Gun House Hill was held Sept. 17, 1772 with Rev. Timothy Upham as First Minister. At this meeting the town voted to give a call to Timothy Upham to settle in the work of the ministry in Deerfield.

Rev. Timothy Upham died February 21, 1811, after a faithful ministry in Deerfield of nearly forty years. The people to whom Mr. Upham so long and so faithfully ministered had become an intelligent and spirited community, capable of appreciating the worth of their pastor, and hastened to manifest an appropriate regard for him and sense of their own loss in his death, by rearing a monument at his grave in the Old Center Cemetery in Deerfield.

List of Church Members previous to 1812 REV. TIMOTHY UPHAM, Pastor

John Avery, Phebe Batchelder, Rhoda Bailey, Huldah Batchelder, Dea. Stephen Batchelder, Shephen Batchelder, Betsey Batchelder, Jane Batchelder, Nathaniel Batchelder, Dea. James Batchelder, Polly Batchelder, Sarah Batchelder, Increase Batchelder, Ebenezer Brown, Josiah Batchelder, Abigail Brown, Comfort Batchelder, Jane Brown, David Batchelder, Lydia Burbank, Mrs. D. Batchelder Edmund, Chadwick Ephraim Batchelder, Elizabeth Chadwick, Molly Batchelder, Susanna Chase, Dolly Coffin, Mehitable Lane, Deborah Cram, John Lucy, Betsey Cram, Abiah Lucy, Anna Cram, Simon Marston, Hannah Currier, Hannah Marston, Michael Dalton, Roby Marston, Polly Dalton, Hannah Marston, Elizabeth Eastman, Benjamin Page, Jeremiah Eastman, Mrs. B. Page, Anna Eastman, Robert Page, John Eastman, Mrs. R. Page, Lydia Eastman, John Pearson, Ephraim Eastman, Hannah Pearson, Eleanor French, Lydia Pearson, Timothy Goodhue, Timothy M. Pearson, Mary Goodhue, Deborah Pearson, Lydia Griffin, John Pearson, Joseph Ham, Samuel Perkins, Sarah Hilton, Lydia Perkins, Anna Hilton, Moses Perkins, Samuel Hobbs, Jonathan Philbrick, Mary Hobbs, Hannah Philbrick, Joseph Hoit, Jesse Prescott, Mary J. Hoit, Sarah Prescott, Eliphalet P. Howe, Samuel Prescott, Phinehas Howe, Mrs. S. Prescott, John James, Ruth Randall, Hannah James, Thomas Rand, Benjamin James, Elizabeth Rand, Huldah James, Aaron Rawlins, Richard Jenness, Elizabeth Rawlins, Thomas Jenness, Enoch Roby, Sally Jenness, Phebe Roby, Polly Kenniston, Dea. Benjamin Sanborn, Dea. Noah Lane, Theodate Sanborn, Hannah Sargent, Sarah Tilton, Huldah Seavy, Abigail Twombly, Dea. William T. Smith, Dea. Abraham True, Martha Smith, Sarah True, Issac Shephard, Hannah Upham, Mrs. I. Shepard, Hepzibah Upham, Moses Thompson, Lydia Wallace, Jane Thompson, Mary Watson, Hannah Thompson, Mary Weare, Phinehas Tilton, Polly Weeks, Phebe Tilton, Betsey Williams, Josiah Tilton, Sarah Woodbury

List of Church Members who united in 1812 and since. REV. NATHANIEL WELLS, Pastor

Eunice Wells

Polly Simpson, Thomas Simpson, John Simpson

Samuel Simpson, Elizabeth Chase, Lydia Chase, Hannah Cram, Huldah Kenniston, Elizabeth Lane Miriam Libbcy Mary L. Simpson, Hannah Simpson

Truelove Warren, Jane Betton, Hannah Dalton, Dea. John Eastman, Samuel Goodhue, Mary Goodhue, Elizabeth Simpson, Abigail Roby

Maria White, Sophia Burbank, Jemima Currier, Aphia Fogg, Mary V. Worth

Mary Emerson, Mary Rowe, Hannah R. Tenney, John T. White

Mrs. J. Burpee, Elizabeth Dearborn, Patty Dowst

Ebenezer Tilton, Lucy Tilton

Polly Avery, Lois Sanborn

Eliza Fifield

Susan Chadwick, Martha Nichols

Mary Batchelder, Betsey Marston, Stephen W. Nichols, Abigail Sargent

James Ham, Anna Ham, Mary Lancaster, David Smith, Martha Tucker

Esther James

Elizabeth Ambrose, Anna Ambrose, Nathaniel Ambrose, Mercy Batchelder, Sarah Batchelder, Thomas J. Batchelder, Comfort Batchelder, Sarah Bartlett, Mary Bartlett, Mary Bartlett, Martha Blake, Frances Cate, Sally Cate, Joseph Chase, Nathan Chase, Hannah Chase, Joseph Chase Jr., Abraham Chase, Deborah Chase, Nathan Chase Jr., Eliza Chase, Abigail T. Chase, Sidney Chadwick, Sally Cilley, Elizabeth A. Cilley, Hannah Fifield, Sally T. Fogg, Eunice Freese, Hannah Goodhue, Josiah Houghton, Deborah Jenness, Betsey Jenness, Anna Jenkins, Betsey Marston, Hannah Marston, Elizabeth A. Martin, Sally Mathes, Susan Mead, Hannah Merrill, Mary Neal, Trueworthy Nichols, Betsey Page, Mehitable Pearson, Lydia Perkins, Benning W. Sanborn, Polly Sanborn, Hannah Simpson, Andrew Simpson, Lois Smith, Martha A. Smith, Josiah B. Tilton, Nancy Adams Tilton, Dudley F. Tucker, Dearborn Wadleigh, Caroline W. Weare, David Wells, Theodore Wells, Moses H. Wells, Elizabeth J. Wells, Nathaniel White

Jemima Batchelder, Elizabeth Chase, Deborah Rawlins

Hannah T. Ambrose, Lucia A. Ambrose, Jeremiah Batchelder, Sally Batchelder, Josiah Butler, Hannah Butler, Nancy Chase, Gilbert Chadwick, Sarah Chadwick, Abigail Eastman, Ruth Eastman, Betsey French, Sally Griffin, Jane Griffin, Sally Jenness, Mary Marston, Nancy Merrill, Lydia Perkins, Lydia Perkins, John Stearns, Sarah Stearns, Judith Wadleigh

Betsey Dowst, Mary A. Goodhue, Emily J. Marston, Polly Morrison, Salome Nichols, Elizabeth J. Smith, Abigail T. Wells

Sanborn Fifield, Aurelia S. Jones, Hannah C. Smith

Ebenezer T. Ambrose, Jane Lane, David L. Ambrose, Mary J. Merrill, Ann T. Ambrose, Judith W. Merrill, Harriet N. Batchelder, Martha N. Merrill, Mary A. Batchelder, William L. Rawlins, Stephen Brown, Benning W. Sanborn Jr., Wentworth S. Butler, William B. Sanborn, Francis W. Cate, Sally Sanborn, Robert M. Chase, Joseph M. Silver, Elizabeth M. Chase, Sarah S. Silver, Lorinda Chase, Mary Simpson, Horatio G. Cilley, David A. Smith, Martha 0. Cilley, William Thompson, Harriet P. Cilley, Phebe A. Thompson, Martha 0. Cilley, Deborah Tilton, Robert M. Clemons, Benning Vesey, Nancy N. Dearborn, Jennette Vesey, John Dudley, Meribah Weare, Samuel Fifield, Alexander Wells, Mary A. Fifield, Jacob Freese, Mehitable French, William T. Goodhue, William P. Graves, Timothy Griffin, Nathan Griffin, Mary Hopkinson, Mark Jenkins, Hannah Jenkins, Mary A. Jenkins, Sarah Jenness, Richard P. Jenness, Thomas B. Jones, Joshua Lane

These lists of members of Deerfield Congregational Church were taken from a pamphlet "Confession of Faith and Church Covenant of the Congregational Church in Deerfield, N.H." printed at "The Observer Office," Concord, N.H., 1838.




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